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If your brand is struggling with producing highly converting content on short video platforms, then you are not alone. It’s true that just having an intriguing online presence is not enough. In recent times short business videos have successfully helped brands entice actions from the audiences. 

To do so, it’s crucial that you capture the attention of such viewers that are actually interested in what you do. This is where hiring a short form video agency comes to play. At Social Sharings, our team of editors leverage brand guidelines, audience behavior, and industry trends to create resonating videos for your business. With strategized storytelling, the aim is to generate leads and drive converting traffic your way!


Our Short Form Video Services

Are you missing out on benefiting from new customer segments and driving tangible growth to your business? It’s high-time that you utilize your resources on concise, more digestible, visually captivating video content. We, at Social Sharings, can do that for you! Our idea behind creating powerful short form video is to establish your authority by clearly providing a message to your audience through storytelling.

Even though each short form video is typically less than a minute, it goes through an entire creative process before it is published across platforms. Our team of short form video editors are skilled in strategizing the right direction for your videos. We also focus on editing the graphics and motion while adhering to the best post production practices to maximize results. Here are the services we offer as your short form video agency:

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Why Should You Partner With A Video Making Service?

It often gets frustrating when you are consistently posting videos across various platforms but still not getting anywhere close to your expected results. You see, when it comes to relying on short form video content to build your business’s online presence, merely cluttering videos all over won’t hit the mark.You need a well-thought strategy to influence your audience into providing valuable engagement. 

After years of experience in the industry, our experts have noticed a trend in mistakes made by most content creators that halts their growth. If you have fallen victim to these mistakes yourself and want a more professional touch, hiring experts from short form content agencies is simply inevitable. We have curated a list of such instances that can help you make an informed decision about hiring a video making services:

What is Included In Our Short Form Videos?

Creative Edge

With so much to experiment around graphics, sounds, and storytelling; we produce short videos that feature a creative edge to your brand. Our goal is to use them as oppurtunity to familiarize your audience with the brand’s personality in innovative ways that keeps them invested in following your content.

Captivating Direction

By creating high-quality and fully optimized videos, we drive maximum user engagement to your content. Our focus is to capture the audience's attention by making content that is both captivating and relatable to your brand's target audience. This leads to higher interaction on your posts.

Maximum Versatility

We understand that short form video content can be used in multiple versatile ways and we are sure to strategize it to our advantage. From product demonstrations and customer testimonials; to behind-the-scenes footage and promotional campaigns - we leverage these endless options to create content that tempts your audience for more!

Clear Message Delivery

When it comes to delivering your brand's message accurately, our short videos are the real masters. We leverage their concise nature and easy-to-present format to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Our teams takes pride in ensuring that the viewers not only grasp the concept of your offerings but also retain the value of your business.

Quick Turnarounds

We strive to offer maximum flow of content within a short time duration by capitalizing the short form videos for your brand. Together with their shorter length, simpler production requirements, and the consistent efforts of our short form video editing team - we make sure that the videos have quick turnaround times for release.

Client-Centric Approach

No matter the industry your business is dealing in, it's our top priority to ensure that your vision is fully reflected in the short form videos that we create for you. Our team is dedicated to thoroughly understanding your goals while providing clear communication and customer service during the entirety of our project.

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Short form videos are one of the many formats of contact, often filmed vertically to convey a particular message. They are immensely popular due to their ability to hook the audience in shorter spans of time and allows them to engage. By effectively communicating to your audience while demonstrating information in a concise manner, you can utilize this content format to drive conversions to your brand. 

In recent times many video-sharing platforms including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat have emerged on the digital landscape among many others. While TikTok remains the mainstream for short videos, Instagram reels and YouTube short clips have also created a significant impact. These are the top platforms to target, especially if you are a brand that is trying to improve your visibility by connecting to the right audience.

The cost of hiring a short form content agency is closely related to the scope, complexity, and the turnaround time of your work. The reputation of the service providers and the complexity of your niche can also be the contributing factors. Since video creation projects typically come in bulk, it is best to have clear communication during the price negotiation stage to ensure both parties are on the same page.

To ensure that short form videos align with your brand identity and goals, we have a one-on-one discussion with our clients before actually diving into the creation process. During this, our team takes the time to understand your values and target audience, along with what you have to offer through your brand. By having a close collaboration, we align our videos to your vision and objectives by strategizing creation that captures the individuality of your 

Social Sharings is a short form content agency that offers tailor-made solutions to each client after understanding their brand in depth. We understand every business is unique and to keep that distinction alive, we provide special video production packages to suit your specific needs. After all, the idea is to successfully present to your audience how your brand stands out from the rest of the industry.

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