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Maximize Conversions with Paid Advertising

Have you just launched a product or service, but even though it’s a great innovation, you are still struggling to generate leads and conversions? If that’s the case with your website, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s an all too common situation in the competitive digital world. The most effective solution for such a problem is investing in a reputable paid advertising service to help you gain the right recognition.

At Social Sharings, our team runs tailored paid advertising campaigns specifically designed for your business. We leverage on extensive audience research, compelling ad creatives, and continuous optimization to maximize conversions and deliver tangible results. After all, our goal is to help you yield a substantial return on investment both in terms of the business you own as well as your funding for the digital marketing service  you hire.

Our Paid Ads Services

Simply running ads to stand out and expecting to get meaningful results won’t make the cut. It is important to elevate your marketing efforts by investing in a professional paid advertising service that brings years of experience and industry knowledge to the table. It helps in laying down the roadmap to ads created with precision and optimization.

Our specialized team constantly monitors, analyzes, and adjusts variables to stay ahead of the curve. We offer transparent reporting that assists you in gaining valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. Your business strategy can utilize the data for informed decision-making and continuous improvement. To help you make the most out of digital advertising, here’s what we, at Social Sharings can offer:


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Crack The Conversion Code With Paid Ads

If you want to broaden the impact of your product or service, paid advertising can help you achieve the platform to do so. Our experts strategically showcase your ads to specific audiences and tempt them to make prompt particular actions to help bring more clicks, conversions, or awareness to your brand. 

The creation of compelling ad content comes in various formats ranging between text, audio, video, and interactive media specifically curated for your target audience. To determine your intended audience, our team of advertisers conduct thorough research based on demographic, geographic, behavioral, or interest-based parameters. 

Once it’s established where your ad would be directed, we then set maximum bids for interactions like clicks or impressions. Depending on the platform we are working on, its algorithm then determines ad placement based on relevance, bid amount, and factors across different channels such as search engines, social media platforms, websites, and mobile apps. 

All there’s left to do next is to closely monitor the performance metrics. And rightfully so, both you and our team would want to know how a particular ad is pulling off – plus what can be done to get things going further in your favor.

There’s no doubt that paid advertising is an iterative process but with the Social Sharings expertise you can always be assured that your business connections with the target audience are in the right hands!

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What is Included In Paid Advertising ?

Targeted Reach

By reaching the right people at the right time, we help your business increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions. This targeted approach lets your ads get discovered by an audience with similar interests and behaviors to maximize the efficiency of your advertising budget.

Immediate Visibility

If you want to avoid the delays in visibility which come from organic marketing efforts, investing in paid advertising can be a quick fix for your brand. Our team helps your business get the kick start it needs to get launched with prominent promotions. This gives your product or service the exposure traffic, leads, and sales rapidly.

Measurable Results

Our team of advertisers are not only well-verse with placing strategic ads, they are also highly skilled in leveraging key metrics to track performance. By understanding the play around click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and return on investment, we help identify what’s working well and where the campaign needs more work.

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Why Your Business Needs Paid Advertising?

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Boost Website Traffic
  • Target Specific Audience 
  • Increase Brand Visibility, Growth, and Awareness
  • Boost Conversions 
  • Gain a Competitive Edge 
  • Convert Prospects Into Customers
  • Generate Offline Sales
  • Build Customer Trust and Loyalty

Why Choose SocialSharings For Paid Advertising?

Customized Strategies

We cater to each client and their unique needs and requirements through customized strategies that perfectly align with your target audience and your business's goals.

Cutting-Edge Tools

Our advanced tools help us deliver results that satisfy clients. It gives us a competitive advantage with ad optimization, and evaluating different advertising platforms.


From video ads to photo ads to carousel ads and everything in between, we are proficient in all ad formats. We got it all covered under one roof!


Looking to learn more about Paid Ads for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Paid advertising is a digital marketing model where you are required to pay money to run ads of your offerings to internet users across various platforms. But with so much competition in the market, each ad comes with a bid and only the one with the highest bid gets displayed. Typically for every click made on that ad, you have to pay the agreed amount for it.

As the name suggests, paid advertising relies on allocating a budget to promote content to target your audience with short-term promotion while staying in control of various elements of your ads (placement, targeting criteria, creative). On the contrary, organic advertising is based on unpaid content to engage with followers and build trust by focusing on long-term relationships with your clients.

When it comes to selecting a platform that fits your business model, it’s important to understand your target  target audience, advertising goals, and budget first. You can go for search engines like Google Ads, social media platforms like Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, video platforms like YouTube Ads, and more.

While there’s to exact cost for paid advertising, there are a few factors that it’s dependent on. These include the competitive edge, targeting criteria, ad format, and bidding strategy. You can calculate an estimate of your costs on a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (CPM) basis.

You can see initial results within the first few days or weeks of the campaign. The reason why sometimes you can get immediate results while others require further optimization for desired results depends on certain factors. These include the platform used, campaign objectives, competition, and targeting effectiveness.

We are here to give you the satisfaction that your investments go to the right place. From boosting sales to generating sales and traffic to increasing conversions to gaining brand visibility, our professionals have the understanding for it all. By knowing how paid advertising works, the different ad formats, and how they function, and choosing the right advertising platform – we help make the best advertising decisions for your brand. 

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