Traffic Increased by 20x - Organic Life Start!

Organic Life Start – Baby Formula Company – Traffic increased by 20x to 21k within just 10 months. Organic Life Start has significantly boosted its organic performance within a span of just ten months through a comprehensive approach that incorporates offsite, onsite, and technical SEO strategies.

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Traffic Increase

The organic traffic of Organic Life Start increased from 128 to 21,835. The organic keywords in positions 1-3 increased from 6 to 258 in just ten months. And after 18 months, the number is currently around 600.

Website Authority

Initially, Organic Life Start’s domain rating was a meager 4. However, in a span of just ten months, it surged to 36 and now stands at 51, demonstrating steady and consistent growth. Eventually it helped in traffic increase.


Organic Life Start’s referring domains initially numbered a mere 12. Yet, within just ten months, they skyrocketed to 278 and currently stand at around 600, showcasing a steady and robust expansion pattern.

About Organic Life Start

Organic Life Start is a trusted provider of clean, fresh, and wholesome baby formulas sourced directly from European manufacturers. Founded by parents with a deep-seated commitment to health and wellness, the company offers families worldwide access to hard-to-find formulas that prioritize safety and nutrition. Their mission is anchored in the belief that “It Should Always Be This Clean,” a testament to their uncompromising standards of purity and quality.

Their unique approach involves direct collaboration with manufacturers, bypassing intermediaries, and ensuring that the chosen formula never stays in their warehouse for over three days. This direct-to-consumer model guarantees the freshness and authenticity of each product, providing parents with peace of mind. Organic Life Start stands as a friendly guide on the parenting journey, ready to offer support and expertise in tackling common infant issues like colic, gas, and constipation. Their commitment extends beyond just providing high-quality formulas, focusing on making the process of procuring baby formulas effortless for families around the globe.

Recognizing the need to expand its digital footprint among a niche audience of parents with newborn babies, Organic Life Start partnered with SocialSharings. The mission was clear: boosting brand recognition, increasing awareness about the importance of baby formulas, and generating conversions. To meet these objectives, Organic Life Start identified the need for a comprehensive SEO strategy that encapsulated all facets – onsite, offsite, and technical.

With a clear vision, they opted for the comprehensive growth package offered by SocialSharings. This package included creating more than 50,000 words of content, securing at least five backlinks with a Domain Rating (DR) of over 45, and delivering full technical support, paving the way for an expansive online presence in their targeted market.

Plan Of Action

Step 1

Organic Life Start sought to augment its organic visibility while driving visitor conversions into app installs and subscriptions. To meet these objectives, it was crucial to prioritize bottom-funnel keyword structures and craft engaging content that could seamlessly guide visitors to becoming new customers. This initiative would entail a structural overhaul of certain sections of their website and the creation of various new pages. Therefore, we also provided detailed instructions to Organic Life Start’s development team to ensure the accurate execution of the required technical work.

Step 2

Once the bottom-funnel search intent was addressed, the next step was to generate informational blog content. This would build topical authority around baby formulas and boost brand awareness and organic traffic. The prioritization of blog topics was guided by estimated conversion rates, with content exhibiting higher conversion potential being written and published first. Since Organic Life Start had yet to incorporate a blog section on its website, we provided the development team with best practices for its technical setup.

Step 3

Finally, we moved on to optimizing off-page SEO. Our strategy was to publish content on websites with high domain authority relevant to the baby formula niche. This would enhance Organic Life Start’s domain rating, facilitating higher and quicker rankings for our target organic keywords. The comprehensive approach aimed to solidify Organic Life Start’s online presence, making it a go-to source for quality baby milk formulas.

SEO Analysis & Keyword Research

The SEO analysis at SocialSharings unearthed several bottom-funnel keywords related to baby formula, such as ‘kendamil formula,’ ‘hipp formula,’ and ‘kendamil stage 2’, that we could target. These keywords had high-intent search volume and relatively low ranking difficulty. This discovery perfectly suited our strategic goals and offered an opportunity to expedite the generation of new installs and subscriptions for Organic Life Start.

In our content strategy, we highlighted many middle-funnel topics for blog content, which were marked as a secondary priority. Once high-priority content was in place, we started working on these topics. Subjects like ‘best hypoallergenic formula,’ ‘best formula for gassy babies,’ and ‘lactose-free formula’ were especially suited to listicle-style articles such as ‘Top Ten Hypoallergenic Baby Formulas.’

Additionally, we observed significant search interest around ‘free formula samples.’ Despite their lower buying intent, we realized the potential to rank highly for these keywords by crafting valuable resources for parents, such as guides on finding free formula samples. While this might not directly lead to new installs and subscriptions, it would certainly amplify brand awareness and consolidate Organic Life Start’s topical authority, given the high search volumes associated with this topic.

What’s more, this all-encompassing strategy has led to our top-performing keywords not only being ranked among the top 5-7 URLs in Google search results but some even claiming the coveted first position. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the effectiveness of our approach and the significant contribution it has made to enhancing Organic Life Start’s online presence and visibility.

Competitor Research

Following the successful identification and incorporation of high-performing keywords, our team at SocialSharings turned our attention to the competitors of Organic Life Start. We analyzed the top competing domains within the baby formula market, including,,, and others. Our goal was to uncover strategic gaps in their SEO approaches that we could leverage further to boost our clients’ online presence and rankings.

The process involved a comprehensive analysis of each competitor’s domain, focusing on parameters such as keyword overlap, common keywords, domain rating (DR), traffic, value, and the number of pages. By examining these factors, we could determine the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor’s SEO strategy. For instance, domains with high DR and traffic indicated successful strategies we could potentially learn from, while a lower number of pages or common keywords might point to areas where Organic Life Start could gain a competitive advantage.

This competitive analysis enabled us to refine our SEO strategy for Organic Life Start, ensuring we could maximize our efforts and bolster our client’s position in the highly competitive online marketplace for baby formula. We could further optimize our keyword use, enhance our content creation, and ultimately drive more organic traffic to Organic Life Start’s website by filling the gaps we identified in our competitors’ strategies.

Off-Page Strategy

During our SEO audit for Organic Life Start, we uncovered 49 broken backlinks causing redirect traffic from other websites to our client’s site. These broken backlinks were discovered across various referring pages, including renowned sites like Alyson Haley’s blog,,,, and more. These broken links, denoted by a 404 error or a 301 redirect, pointed to a non-existent page on Organic Life Start’s website. This was a critical issue as it disrupted the user experience and hindered the site’s SEO performance.

We immediately rectified these issues, amending the faulty URLs and ensuring each backlink correctly directed users to the appropriate page on the Organic Life Start site. We improved the user experience by resolving these issues and strengthening the website’s Domain Rating (DR) and overall SEO rankings. Organic Life Start now enjoys a robust backlink profile with no broken links, contributing to its strong online presence and enhanced visibility in search engine results.

Technical Issues

Before diving into content creation, we prioritized addressing technical issues that could potentially hamper Organic Life Start’s SEO ranking. We adopted a phased approach to prevent overwhelming the technical team, gradually introducing technical tasks starting with the most urgent ones. The first document we provided outlined the critical fixes needed before we proceeded with any SEO tasks. Below is a summary of the tasks we assigned.

Add Meta Titles And Descriptions To Existing Content

Upon reviewing Organic Life Start’s website, we noticed several of their existing content pieces lacked meta titles and descriptions. These elements are critical for ensuring pages are indexed and ranked on Google. We identified all the URLs that required these elements and requested Organic Life Start to create meta titles and descriptions for each page.

To aid in this process, we offered guidance on crafting effective meta descriptions, using examples to illustrate good and poor practices. Common pitfalls we highlighted included the absence of a call-to-action (CTA), lack of emotional appeal, and overuse of long-tail keywords.

Fix 404 Errors And Remove Unnecessary Pages


Off-Page Strategy

The Organic Traffic Of Organic Life Start Increased From 128 To 21,835

The organic keywords in positions 1-3 increased from 6 to 258 in just ten months. And after 18 months, the number is currently around 600.

The organic keywords in positions 4-10 increased from 4 to 800 in just ten months. And after 18 months, the number is currently around 2,200.

The organic traffic value increased from $429 to $43,722 in just ten months. And after 18 months, the amount is currently around $50,000


Organic Life Start has significantly boosted its organic performance within a span of just ten months through a comprehensive approach that incorporates offsite, onsite, and technical SEO strategies. By implementing consistent content publishing, regular technical audits, and the creation of high-quality backlinks, they have achieved remarkable results.

To begin with, our focus was on creating compelling content related to baby formula, targeting keywords with strong buying intent. As a result, Organic Life Start achieved first-page rankings for numerous high-conversion keywords. Simultaneously, we produced content covering broader topics with high search volumes to increase brand awareness and establish Organic Life Start as a trusted source of information in the baby formula industry. By doing so, we enhanced the brand’s topical authority.

Additionally, we strongly emphasized improving Organic Life Start’s domain authority by acquiring reputable backlinks from publishers with high-domain ratings. This strategy helped validate Organic Life Start’s credibility and trustworthiness in the baby formula market. As a result, search engines, particularly Google, have recognized Organic Life Start as a reliable source of information, leading to increased organic traffic across various website pages.

Organic Life Start is now well on its way to becoming the leading baby formula company. However, there is still work to achieve their ultimate goal of becoming the industry standard. Moving forward, we will continue to develop effective strategies, create exceptional content, target new keywords, and ensure that Organic Life Start maintains its position as a trusted authority in the baby formula industr