Our Terms

Who We Mean: ‘Client,’ ‘You,’ ‘Your’ refers to you, the person using our website and agreeing to our terms. ‘The Company,’ ‘We,’ ‘Us,’ refers to SocialSharings.co.

What We Do: We offer services/products and these terms apply to our help provided to you.

Our Agreement: Everything here is based on current law.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Matters: We keep your personal info safe. Only necessary staff can see it to help you better.

Keeping Data Safe: We protect our systems and your data from unauthorized use.

Keeping Things Confidential

Your Records are Private: We won’t share your info with others. You can ask to see your records with us.

Handling Your Information: We don’t sell or rent your info. Emails from us are only about services you agreed to.

What We Include and Don’t

About Our Info: We provide details on our site as they are. We don’t promise that all info is perfect.

Our Liability: We’re not responsible for any losses or damages from using our site, except in case of our negligence.

Website Use

For Online Use Only: Our ads and services are for online users. We try to make sure our service is good but can’t promise it’ll always be perfect.

Your Responsibility: You decide if what we offer fits your needs.

Tracking Visits

Using Your Data: We use IP addresses to see how you use our site. This info helps us improve the site.

Cookies for Better Service: Our site uses cookies to remember you and make your visit smoother.

Linking to Us

Linking Rules: You can link to our site if we say it’s okay.


Our Content is Ours: We own the rights to our website’s content and services.

Changes to Terms

Updates to Terms: We may change these terms. Using our site means you accept any new terms.