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What Does GTS Mean In text

When scrolling through the internet, coming across new abbreviations is no different than stumbling across different trends. But what differentiates an abbreviation from a trend is the fact that you can’t just follow or ignore an abbreviation, like you can do with a trend. 

Abbreviations are hard to ignore, as initially, you’ll be left totally confused, and the next moment, you’ll rush to google the meaning behind the new abbreviation you just read.


One such abbreviation that left me confused was GTS! If you, too, have come here to find out what is GTS in text, then look no further, as you’ve landed at the right place.

What does GTS mean in text?

While the meaning of this word depends on the context it’s used in, the acronym GTS stands for “Going To Sleep” and may be used by someone who wants to indicate an end to a conversation. 

For those of you who are unaware of this term, it’s a quick and easy way to send the message, “Let’s stop talking as it’s getting late right now; however, we may resume talking later.” 

Let’s suppose you’re talking late with someone and want to end the conversation with them. In this situation, you may text GTS to let them know it’s past your bedtime and you’ll be going to sleep now.

Keep in mind that it is a slang term and should be used in that context only. On the contrary, Avoid using this acronym with colleagues and employers unless you know them well.

What else does GTS stand for?

As discussed earlier, the meaning of this abbreviation depends on the context it’s used in. This sheds light on the various meanings of this word. While most people mean that they’re going to sleep when using this term. Some alternative meanings of this term are.

  • Go to Sleep: A wrestling move often used to finish an opponent. This term was introduced by CM Punk in WWE.
  • Good Times: this is an initialism for wrapping up a conversation about a sentimental memory.
  • Google That Sh*t: This term is used as a reply to someone who asks a question that could be easily found on Google.
  • Gran Turismo Sport: This is A 2017 video game released by Sony’s PlayStation 4.
  • General Thoracic Surgery: A surgery used to treat chest diseases.
  • Global Trading System: This platform enables Pokémon players to trade their characters online.
  • Ground Transportation Services: denotes different passenger transportation services like taxi, bus, car, etc.
  • Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: A neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by repetitive motor and vocal tics.
  • Going Through Sh*t: this initialism implies that someone is suffering through hardships in their life.

How To Use It In A Sentence?

Now that we’ve discussed the various different meanings of GTS depending on the context it’s used in. Let’s move a step further and explore different scenarios where you may employ this abbreviation to find what does gts mean in text.

Scenario #1

Person 1: So we’re visiting the cafe tomorrow?

Person 2: Yes, same timing, same place.

Person 1: Ok, great! Gotta be up early tomorrow, GTS.

Scenario # 2

Person A: Thanks for listening to my rant; you’re the best!

Person B: I got you, buddy! It wasn’t a big deal.

Person A: Yikes! It’s 2 am.

Person B: Yeah, It’s quite late. I’m GTS.

Scenario # 3

Person X: I’m so excited for the party tomorrow 

Person Y: I know, right? Same.

Person X: Should I Facetime you to see your outfit for the event?

Person Y: I’d love to show it to you, but we better GTS to wake up early for the party.

What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat?

GTS is a commonly used internet slang. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which website you’re using it on, as it means the same thing on every website.

Similarly, on Snapchat the term GTS denotes “going to sleep.” This text may be used to ensure that your loved ones are prioritizing their health and taking in enough hours of sleep by sleeping on time.

Other than that, it may also be used to indicate to someone that the conversation should end now, as it’s getting close to or past your bedtime.

When you encounter the acronym GTS during a conversation next time, make sure to identify the context of the situation to help you accurately decode the meaning behind the text.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Summing It Up!

The meaning of this abbreviation may change with regard to the context it’s used in and your relationship with the person using it. A colleague from work might not use this term; however, a close friend might use it as a part of your informal conversation.

Therefore, taking a moment to think and decode the text based on the above-mentioned scenarios can significantly enhance your discussions. 

If there are other social media slang that are giving you a hard time deciphering them, drop them below, and we’ll discuss them together in my next post. Until next time!

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