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What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

Did you know that over 180 billion texts are exchanged between social media users every year?

As more and more people hop on the trend of using short forms or abbreviations while messaging, a large majority of the texts I receive are inundated with instagram acronyms.

While it’s easy to comprehend what most of them mean, acronyms such as NFS that can have several connotations give me a hard time deciphering what they could indicate.

So, if you’re also wondering what does NFS mean on instagram, the most popular answers include “Need For Speed,” “Not For Sale,” “No Filter Selfie,” and the list is endless.

With that said, let’s discuss what does NFS mean on instagram in more detail below, along with instances where each distinct implication can be used.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram?

The answer to what does NFS mean on Instagram can range anywhere between “Network File System” – used in the context of file sharing or computer networking – or “Not For Sure” indicating uncertainty.

The Urban Dictionary is also conflicted on the true meaning of this abbreviation, so when I Googled what does NFS mean Urban Dictionary, I found suggestions like New Friendships or Nice F*king Story from the platform.

Being a leading social media application, hunting for the answer on Instagram seemed like the right course to take. Below, I’ve shared my research about what does NFS mean on Instagram.

These are the most common ways the term is used on the platform according to their hashtag frequency.

NFSContext Hashtag Frequency
Need For Speed Automotive & Gaming2 million posts
Not For SaleAny 869k posts
No Filter SkyNature & Photography107k posts
No Filter Selfie Image/Video Sharing54.2k posts
No Filter SunsetNature 43.6k posts
No Filter SkinCosmetics 21.4k posts
New Fashion StyleFashion 15.8k posts
Not For Sharing Food/Any12.9k posts
Next Filter SundayAny 5k posts
No Funny StuffAny 1.8k posts

What Does NFS Meaning Text?

As seen above, although the abbreviation doesn’t change, NFS meaning text Instagram changes according to its context. This goes on to reiterate the words of Phil Foden, who believes that “The little details make a big difference.”

It’s also important to note that while I’ve picked these meanings from Instagram, if you were to search what does NFS mean on Snapchat or what does NFS mean on TikTok, the answers would remain mostly similar.

If there’s still any confusion in your mind about what does NFS mean on Instagram, here is a detailed explanation of each of the terms discussed above.

i. Need for Speed

It is mostly car and racing fanatics who use the term “Need For Speed” in their captions or hashtags under their Instagram posts. The term indicates a desire to speed up, usually in a race.

The popularity of its abbreviation surged in 1994 after a movie with the title “Need For Speed” was released.

ii. Not For Sale

The term “Not For Sale” is pretty self-explanatory and is used alongside images of items or properties that are non-purchasable or no longer there for sale.

Captions like these are also by brands to specify proof of purchase or for other creative marketing purposes.

iii. No Filter Sky

Social media platforms are flooded with unlimited pictures or videos of the sky captured in various seasons, times of the day, or locations.

Among these images, those that are taken without the help of a filter are singled out with the “No Filter Sky” hashtag.

iv. No Filter Selfie/Skin

Similar to the “No Filter Sky” abbreviation, the “No Filter Selfie” acronym is used under selfies of people that have not been edited with camera filters or image enhancers.

Hashtags like these are used mostly by skincare or beauty brands to promote their collections by showcasing unfiltered portraits of their models or clients.

Additionally, suppose the content you’re looking at doesn’t fit in the description mentioned above, and you’re still searching for what does NFS mean on Instagram.

In that case, you must know that it also appears with body empowerment or other such content.

v. No Filter Sunset

It’s no surprise that people cannot resist clicking pictures of the sunset, and those who do so without the help of a camera filter post their captured images with the hashtag “No Filter Sunset.”

vi. New Fashion Style

#NewFashionstyle is used for posts that alert your social media users, like your Instagram or Facebook friends, to recent trends in the fashion industry, be it clothes, accessories, undergarments, shoes, and so on.

vii. Not for Sharing

Social media users use this hashtag to inform their followers and other viewers of their story or post that the content being shared with them cannot be reposted.

viii. No Funny Stuff

One way that people express their disinterest in getting involved with any drama is by posting their content with the hashtag “No Funny Stuff.”

Simultaneously, my search about what does NFS mean on Instagram showed that the hashtag also appears in advertisements for edible products to show that no additive ingredients were used in the manufacturing of the product.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bottom Line

NFS is one of the most commonly used acronyms on social media platforms, but users always end up being confused due to the various contexts in which it can be used.

The blog post above provides clarification into what does NFS mean on Instagram and the barrage of situations where it can be incorporated.

The world of social media can be challenging to navigate. Drop down the problems you’re facing with the digital world, and I’ll make sure to answer them in my next post. Until next time!

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