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How To Make Money on Pinterest

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest for hours, pinning everything from dreamy travel destinations to tasty recipes and DIY projects? What if I told you you could turn that pastime into a profitable venture? 

Yes, you read that right – making money on Pinterest is possible and an increasingly popular way to earn extra cash online. And the best part? It’s accessible to anyone, even if you’re a complete beginner.

With over 400 million active users, Pinterest is a treasure trove of opportunities for entrepreneurs and creatives. Whether you’re looking to sell your products, promote your blog or earn commission through affiliate marketing, Pinterest can help you reach a wider audience and grow your online presence. 

Plus, with its visually appealing layout and intuitive search function, Pinterest makes it easy for users to discover new content and ideas, making it a valuable platform for driving traffic to your website.

5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

How to Make Money on Pinterest as a Beginner

Are you ready to learn how to monetize your presence on Pinterest and turn your passion into profits? Pinterest is more than just a visual search engine – it’s a money-making machine that can help you grow your brand and generate income.

Here are 5 creative and fun ways to make money on Pinterest:

1. Get Started as An Affiliate Marketer on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing can be the ticket to success – you’ll earn a commission by promoting products or services through your unique referral link. And with Pinterest’s massive user base and visual nature, you have the potential to re ach a broad audience and earn a significant income.

Find affiliate programs that align with your niche and brand to get started. Many companies and websites offer affiliate programs, from big-name retailers to smaller online businesses. Do some research and find products that you genuinely believe in.

Create visually stunning pins to showcase the products, and include a clear call-to-action to encourage clicks and purchases. Create dedicated boards or blog posts focusing on your affiliate products, and link to these pages from your pins.

One of the keys to success as an affiliate marketer on Pinterest is to be authentic and transparent. Be upfront with your audience about your affiliate relationship. 

Track your performance and adjust your strategy as needed. Pay attention to which products and pins drive the most traffic and sales, and change your promotions accordingly. 

How to Make Money on Pinterest as a Beginner

2. Make Money through Pinterest’s In-App Checkout Feature

Are you an e-commerce store owner looking for ways to boost your sales and drive more traffic to your website? Look no further than Pinterest!

You can now enable shoppers to purchase directly on Pinterest!

If you qualify for the in-app checkout feature, your product pins will have a “Buy” button, making it easy for Pinners to buy your products without leaving the app.

To qualify for in-app checkout, you’ll need to meet some criteria as a merchant: 

  • Use the Shopify app.
  • Your Shopify store must have a US billing address.
  • You must have only Shopify feeds uploaded to Pinterest, meaning you don’t have active non-Shopify feeds.
  • You must accept returns.
  • Must have an email address for customer support inquiries.
  • You must exceed the monthly checkout conversions threshold.
  • Meet the Merchant guidelines set by Pinterest.

Once approved, you’ll have a whole new way to make sales and money on Pinterest. Start showcasing your products on Pinterest and enable in-app checkout to streamline the customer journey and increase sales.

However, even if you don’t have the feature yet, you can still create stunning pins and direct viewers to your website to make a purchase. 

3. Collaborate with Brands and Make Money on Pinterest

Partnering with a brand on Pinterest can be a game changer for influencers and content creators. Not only can it help you monetize your content, but it can also provide you with opportunities to collaborate with brands you love.

Create an Idea Pin in the app, tag the brand with the paid partnership label, and await their approval. Once approved, your pin will have the brand’s name listed on the bottom, letting your audience know it’s a sponsored post.

Brands are willing to pay for high-quality content, so you can make money on Pinterest by partnering with them. They even use your content for their ad campaigns, leading to even more exposure for you.

However, you must know to pitch and have an engaged and niche audience to get these coveted brands. Sometimes, you don’t need thousands of followers to land a deal – just a clear and compelling pitch showcasing what you bring.

4. Join the Creator Fund to Get Paid on Pinterest

Have you heard of the Pinterest Creator Fund? It’s a program that provides underrepresented creators with $25,000 in cash grants, ad credits, and equipment stipends to help them grow their Pinterest presence and gain industry insights from experts. 

Pinterest announces a new Creator Fund cycle with a specific theme every quarter. The first cycle for 2022 was focused on Fashion and Beauty, with future cycles covering Food, Lifestyle, and Wellness. 

To join the program, you must sign up for the Pinterest Creator newsletter to be notified when the application window opens. The program is currently only available to underrepresented creators in the United States, but Pinterest has plans to expand to Brazil and the UK in 2022.

5. Earn Money on Pinterest with Creator Rewards Program

Get paid for your creativity by joining the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program! If you’ve got a Pinterest business account and love creating original content, the Creator Rewards Program is a way to incentivize your Idea Pins that align with Pinterest’s current prompts. 

These prompts can cover various topics, from home decor to fashion to wellness. You’ll earn real money when you meet the engagement goals outlined in the prompt! It’s a win-win situation – get paid for doing what you love, and Pinterest can showcase unique content to its users.

However, remember that the Creator Rewards program is still in the testing phase, so only a limited number of creators currently qualify to apply. To be eligible:

  • You must have a Pinterest business account.
  • Use the Pinterest app on your mobile device.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • Have at least 250 followers.
  • Have created at least three Idea Pins within the past 30 days.
  • Have 150 saves of your published pins within the past 30 days.
  • Create original content.

If you meet these requirements, check the Pinterest app on your mobile device to see if you have a “Get Started” button to apply. And if not, there are plenty

How to Make Money on Pinterest as a Beginner

Is It Possible to Earn Money on Pinterest?

Many bloggers, influencers, creators, and e-commerce store owners have been using Pinterest to generate income for years now. One of the most incredible things about making money on Pinterest is that it’s accessible to just about anyone. And there are plenty of ways to leverage the power of Pinterest to grow your brand and increase your revenue.

For starters, you’ll want to have some basic graphic design skills or be willing to learn how to create visually appealing pins. However, it’s not all about creating great content – you must also know how to market yourself effectively.

Profit Potential of Pinterest

Understanding the ins and outs of Pinterest’s search algorithm and knowing how to optimize your pins for maximum visibility is vital. Similarly, you must also engage with other users on the platform to build a community around your brand.

If you’re a blogger or content creator, Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase your ad revenue or affiliate sales. Creating pins linking to your blog posts or products can attract new readers and increase your income.

For e-commerce store owners, Pinterest is a veritable goldmine for driving sales. Creating product pins and linking them to your online store can showcase your products to a broader audience and potentially increase your revenue.

Pro Tip for Making Money on Pinterest – Use A Media Kit

There are many ways to make money on Pinterest – by joining a rewards program, a Creator fund, or partnering with brands. But before you start reaching out to potential partners, there’s one more thing you should do: create a media kit.

A media kit showcases your brand stats and accomplishments and reaches potential sponsors or collaborators. It’s like a resume for your Pinterest presence. 

Your media kit should include your Pinterest handle, niche or area of expertise, follower count, and engagement metrics. It should also highlight your best-performing content, any awards or recognition you’ve received, and any brands you’ve worked with.

By creating a polished and informative media kit, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by brands and securing partnerships that will earn you money.

Hope this article helped, so don’t forget to like and share it with others. Enjoy It! 🙂

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