Traffic Increased by 3x!

In just 1.5 years, Luvme Hair has amplified its organic performance using an integrated approach encompassing offsite, onsite, and technical SEO strategies. Consistent content publishing, frequent technical audits, and forging high-quality backlinks have collectively driven impressive results.

Traffic Increase

The organic traffic of Luvme Hair increased from 31,119 to 107,481

Traffic Value

The organic traffic value increased from $28,124 to $118,272.

Domain Rating

Domain Rating exponentially grow by more than 2x within 1.5 years to 61.


About LuvMeHair

Luvme Hair is a pioneer in the haircare industry, offering the epitome of quality, style, and comfort in the world of wigs. Driven by innovation, the brand’s designs are informed by the latest fashion trends. Luvme’s wigs are meticulously crafted, providing a lightweight and natural look that leaves wearers forgetting they’re even sporting a wig. With Luvme Hair, customers are not just transforming their appearance but also amplifying their confidence.

The brand began in a small 30-square-foot office, a brainchild of Helena, who recognized the market’s desperate need for superior quality in a sea of overpriced and subpar products. Luvme Hair has since revolutionized the wig industry, introducing groundbreaking products such as 360 Lace wigs, Undetectable Lace Wigs, and 4C Edge. Offering pre-cut wigs, bleached knots, and pre-plucked hairlines, the brand is steadfast in its commitment to delivering a seamless and natural hair experience at a fair price. At its core, Luvme Hair values customer feedback and loyalty and pledges to continue inspiring and serving its clientele.

In a strategic move to grow its digital presence among the discerning audience of haircare enthusiasts, Luvme Hair partnered with SocialSharings. The objectives were defined: augmenting brand recognition, educating consumers about the intricacies of wigs and their related products, and driving conversions. To achieve these goals, Luvme Hair identified a comprehensive SEO strategy as the key, encompassing onsite, offsite, and technical aspects of their digital presence.

With a clear vision, Luvme Hair selected SocialSharings’ comprehensive growth package. The package includes unique, SEO-optimized descriptions for over 350 products and engaging content for 45 landing pages, showcasing the brand’s innovative offerings. It further strengthens Luvme Hair’s online presence with a minimum of fifteen high-quality backlinks with a Domain Rating of over 45. Coupled with full technical support, this strategic partnership sets the stage for an impactful digital footprint for Luvme Hair in the haircare market.

Plan Of Action

Step 1

Luvme Hair aimed to enhance its online visibility and convert website traffic into product purchases and loyal customers. To achieve these objectives, the focus was on optimizing bottom-funnel keyword structures and creating engaging content that would guide visitors on a journey to becoming customers. This effort required a significant revamp of several sections of their website and the development of new, conversion-optimized pages. Detailed instructions were provided to Luvme Hair’s development team to ensure the precise execution of the necessary technical modifications.

Step 2

Having catered to the bottom-funnel search intent, the next step was the creation of educational blog content. The aim was to build topical authority around wigs and haircare, boosting brand recognition and driving organic traffic. The selection of blog topics was influenced by projected conversion rates, with content demonstrating higher conversion potential prioritized. As Luvme Hair was yet to incorporate a blog section on its website, best practices for its technical setup were provided to the development team.

Step 3

The final stage involved off-page SEO optimization. The strategy involved publishing content on high-domain authority websites related to the haircare niche. This would improve Luvme Hair’s domain rating, facilitating better rankings for targeted organic keywords. This holistic approach was designed to cement Luvme Hair’s online presence, establishing it as the go-to source for quality wigs and haircare products.

SEO Analysis & Keyword Research

The SEO audit at SocialSharings revealed a collection of high-intent keywords related to the brand’s name, such as ‘luvmehair,’ ‘luv me hair,’ ‘luvme wigs,’ and ‘luvme hair wigs,’ which were excellent targets. These keywords were found to have a high search volume and comparatively low ranking difficulty. This revelation perfectly aligned with our strategic goals, providing a prime opportunity to expedite Luvme Hair’s growth in online visibility and sales conversions.

In our content strategy, we underscored several middle-funnel topics for blog content, considered as secondary priorities. These included ‘headband wig,’ ‘luvme hair reviews,’ ‘luvmehair short wigs,’ and ‘hair bundles,’ perfect for informative and listicle-style articles such as ‘Top Ten Headband Wigs by Luvme Hair.’ Once the high-priority content was established, we commenced work on these secondary subjects.

This comprehensive keyword strategy aimed to consolidate Luvme Hair’s online presence and drive high-quality, organic traffic to the site.

This robust strategy has also allowed several of our top-performing keywords to clinch the highly coveted first position on Google search results. This significant achievement underscores the effectiveness of our approach and the remarkable impact it has made in amplifying Luvme Hair’s online prominence and visibility.

Competitor Research

To further bolster Luvme Hair’s online dominance, our team at SocialSharings undertook an in-depth analysis of their competitors within the haircare market. We investigated top competitor domains such as,,,, and, among others. Our primary goal was to identify strategic gaps in these competitors’ SEO approaches that could be capitalized on further to enhance Luvme Hair’s digital presence and rankings.

This process encompassed a meticulous analysis of each competitor’s domain, focusing on essential parameters such as keyword overlap, shared keywords, Domain Rating (DR), traffic, value, and the number of pages. These metrics allowed us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor’s SEO strategy. For instance, domains with high DR and traffic suggested successful strategies we could draw from. At the same time, a lower number of pages or shared keywords might reveal areas where Luvme Hair could gain a competitive edge.

This competitive analysis further sharpened our SEO strategy for Luvme Hair, allowing us to maximize our efforts and solidify our client’s standing in the intensely competitive online haircare market. By addressing the gaps we identified in our competitors’ strategies, we optimized our keyword usage, enhanced our content creation, and ultimately drove increased organic traffic to Luvme Hair’s website.

Off-Page Strategy

In the course of our SEO audit for Luvme Hair, we discovered 19 broken backlinks that were impacting the flow of redirected traffic from various websites to Luvme Hair’s site. These problematic backlinks were identified across numerous referring pages, including influential sites like Hair Influencer’s blog,,, and others. Each of these broken links, marked by a 404 error or a 301 redirect, was linked to a non-existent page on the Luvme Hair website. Such issues can disrupt the user experience and hamper SEO performance, necessitating prompt action.

Our team swiftly addressed these issues, fixing the incorrect URLs and ensuring each backlink accurately directed users to the relevant page on the Luvme Hair site. This prompt intervention enhanced user experience and bolstered the website’s Domain Rating (DR) and overall SEO rankings. As a result, Luvme Hair now boasts a healthy backlink profile free from broken links, reinforcing its strong online presence and visibility in search engine results.

Technical Issues

Before immersing ourselves in content creation, our first course of action was to address any technical concerns that could impede Luvme Hair’s SEO ranking. Understanding the complexities of such tasks, we adopted a phased approach to prevent overwhelming the technical team. We began with the most urgent tasks, gradually introducing technical assignments in order of priority.

The initial document we supplied to the Luvme Hair team delineated the essential fixes needed before we could progress with further SEO activities. Here’s a summary of the tasks we designated:

Add Meta Titles And Descriptions To Existing Content

While evaluating Luvme Hair’s website, we identified several existing content pieces missing meta titles and descriptions. These components ensure web pages are correctly indexed and ranked on Google. We pinpointed all the URLs that needed these additions and asked the Luvme Hair team to generate meta titles and descriptions.

To support them in this endeavor, we guided how to create compelling meta-descriptions, incorporating examples to distinguish between optimal and substandard practices. Key pitfalls we highlighted included the omission of a call-to-action (CTA), lacking emotional appeal, and excessive usage of long-tail keywords.

Fix 404 Errors And Remove Unnecessary Pages


Off-Page Strategy

Organic Traffic

The Organic Traffic Of Luvme Hair Increased

From 31,119 To 107,481

Traffic Value

The Organic Traffic Value Increased From $28,124 To $118,272 In Just 18 Months, Around 4x.

Domain Rating

When we started working with Luvme Hair, their Domain Rating was a mere 27, exponentially growing by more than 2x within 1.5 years to 61

Referring Domains

Initially, Luvme Hair’s referring domains amounted to a modest 340. However, in just 1.5 years, this figure dramatically surged to 1041.


In just 1.5 years, Luvme Hair has amplified its organic performance using an integrated approach encompassing offsite, onsite, and technical SEO strategies. Consistent content publishing, frequent technical audits, and forging high-quality backlinks have collectively driven impressive results.

Our initial efforts centered on creating engaging hair wigs content, focusing on high-intent keywords. This strategy led to Luvme Hair securing first-page rankings for numerous high-conversion keywords. Concurrently, we created content around broader topics with high search volumes to enhance brand recognition and position Luvme Hair as a trusted source of information in the haircare industry, thus boosting its topical authority.

Another crucial aspect of our strategy was to bolster Luvme Hair’s domain authority by procuring high-value backlinks from reputable publishers. This validated the brand’s credibility and significantly improved its reputation within the haircare market. As a result, search engines, particularly Google, started acknowledging Luvme Hair as a reliable source of information, leading to a substantial surge in organic traffic across the brand’s various website pages.

Luvme Hair is now on a promising trajectory to establish itself as a leader in the hair wig industry. However, achieving their ultimate goal of setting the industry benchmark still requires consistent work. As we move forward, we will persist in devising effective strategies, crafting outstanding content, targeting new keywords, and ensuring that Luvme Hair maintains its position as a trusted authority in the industry.