Revitalizing Lead Generation

Killymoon Living is a renowned luxury bespoke upholstery brand, crafting exquisite and unique pieces for discerning homeowners. Handmade in their workshop in Northern Ireland, their talented team ensures meticulous attention to detail and guarantees product frames for an impressive 25 years. With an award-winning design portfolio, Killymoon Living continuously innovates and expands their collection, offering striking bedframes, timeless sofas, art deco chairs, and more. Their furnishings are made to order, allowing for customization and a personalized touch.

The Challenge

Killymoon Bespoke Living, an esteemed interior design company, faced a common hurdle in their digital marketing efforts – low-quality leads and poor conversion rates from Google Ads. Despite engaging multiple digital marketing agencies in the past, their investments yielded disappointing results, leading to a loss of over $6,000. Recognizing the need for a change, Killymoon Bespoke Living sought a solution to boost their lead generation and regain control of their online advertising efforts.

The Solution

Enter SocialSharings, a digital marketing agency renowned for their expertise in optimizing Google Ads campaigns and driving impactful results. With a wealth of experience and a team well-versed in effective strategies, SocialSharings embarked on a mission to revamp Killymoon Bespoke Living’s underperforming Google Ads campaign and turn the tides.

Strategic Landing Page Development

Understanding the significance of high-converting landing pages, SocialSharings focused on building multiple landing pages tailored to specific customer segments. By aligning the messaging, visuals, and call-to-action with the target audience’s needs and preferences, the newly created landing pages were designed to maximize conversions and provide a seamless user experience.

Revamping Google Ads Structure

SocialSharings restructured Killymoon Bespoke Living’s Google Ads campaign to improve its effectiveness and reach. This involved implementing geo-specific ad groups, allowing for precise targeting of potential customers in specific locations. By refining the campaign’s targeting parameters, Killymoon Bespoke Living could capture the attention of their ideal audience and increase the likelihood of generating high-quality leads.

Fine-tuning Keyword Optimization

Recognizing the critical role of keywords in driving relevant traffic, SocialSharings conducted an extensive analysis to optimize Killymoon Bespoke Living’s keyword lists. By refining and expanding the keyword selection, the campaign became more targeted, ensuring the ads were displayed to users actively seeking interior design services. Additionally, a comprehensive negative keyword list was implemented to filter out irrelevant searches, reducing wasted ad spend and further improving lead quality.

The Result

With our strategic approach, Killymoon Bespoke Living witnessed a significant transformation in their Google Ads campaign. The collaboration resulted in a surge of high-quality leads and a drastic improvement in conversion rates. The optimized landing pages, restructured campaign structure, and refined keyword selection aligned Killymoon Bespoke Living’s online advertising efforts with their business goals, ultimately leading to increased revenue and a strong return on investment.

In just three weeks of partnering with SocialSharings, Killymoon Living achieved remarkable results. 18 high-quality leads generated, showcasing strong interest in their luxury bespoke upholstery pieces. A significant profit of $10.4K was generated from Google Ads campaigns, reflecting a successful return on investment. An impressive conversion rate of 23% on Google Ads, indicating effective targeting and messaging. Through strategic optimization, Killymoon Living experienced a rapid boost in lead generation, profitability, and overall campaign performance.


Through their partnership with SocialSharings, Killymoon Bespoke Living successfully reversed their struggles with Google Ads and revitalized their lead generation efforts. By leveraging the agency’s experience and tailored strategies, Killymoon Bespoke Living embraced a more effective and profitable digital marketing approach, ensuring a steady stream of quality leads and a thriving online presence.