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What if I told you that you no longer have to handle the task of endless writing sprints, content optimizations, and analysis all by yourself? Feels like an enormous burden being lifted off your chest, right? That’s the beauty of writing organizational tools. 

To give you an example, our productivity is like a downward-facing curve. After reaching a certain point of mounting efficiency, we start going downward on the competency scale. 

It’s natural to see your creativity and productivity decline when you’re expected to churn one article after another with proper grammatical and SEO optimization. Writing tools, in this case, are the best investment you can make for your career. 

The best writing tools not only ensure that you produce consistent high-quality pieces but also enrich them with branded marketing content, extensive research, innovative topic ideas, SEO, and overall editing. 

If you’re drowning in your workload and feel your resourcefulness dropping, here’s a list of the best writing tools 2024 to keep you up and running. So let’s get started!

Best Writing Tools 2024 for Copywriting

1. Hemingway App

Hemingway is my go-to app for editing content without having to go line-by-line to fix readability errors. This free app is the best writing assistant for writers who dread the tough face of editing their content. 




  • The app presents a user interface that is easy to use and understand and displays errors in your content in the blink of an eye. 
  • Each error is highlighted with a specific color to help you identify its type and related solution. 
  • You don’t have to spend a single penny!


  • The app’s features are limited, wherein it only points out a select few faults in your writing.

Best for:

The target audience for the Hemmingway App is comprised mostly of journalists and copywriters. Once you paste your document into the app, it reports a readability score in the form of grade levels. 

These grade levels range from 12 to 6, where 12 represents very hard-to-read content, and 6 represents easily readable content. Your goal is to make the edits suggested by the app to bring the score down as much as you can.


If copywriting tools could come with a tagline, would be titled “Writing made easy!” Be it blog posts, social media posts, advertisements, websites, or just captions, can diversify and improve your writing style and boost productivity at the same time. 


Free trial along with $49/month or $36/year.


  • High-quality content creation for both short and long-form content
  • Several template selections and customization options
  • Offers a free trial along with affordable paid plans
  • Easy-to-use user interface and can save time by quickly displaying results


  • You have to manually save your work
  • A prompt limit of 40,000 words
  • Like all online tools, there’s a possibility of inaccurate sentences, facts, and specifications.

Best for: is the truest embodiment of a writing assistant for copywriters. All you have to do is input your desired keywords and phrases, enter a brief description of the content you wish to create, and select your content type. The tool handles all the other tasks. 

Copywriters who struggle to get out of their writer’s block can find plenty of ideas with for their content in no time. Other than that, you can brainstorm concepts for social media captions and posts. 

The best part is that it can even help you write blog posts by generating compelling titles, headings, ideas, and outlines. And this is just the beginning; with, you can do much more to take your copywriting to the next level

Best Writing Tools 2024 for Grammar

1. Grammarly


If there’s one tool that has made my life easier, it’s Grammarly. With Grammarly, I can write my heart out without worrying about spelling or grammatical errors because it already highlights them for me, and once I’m done writing, I can resolve them accordingly. 


$30/month or $12/year


  • The Grammarly extension can be used to suggest real-time grammatical corrections.
  • Instructions are simple and clear.
  • You can effortlessly customize reports by tailoring your recommendation styles
  • Competitive pricing options


  • The extension is presently only available on Google Docs 
  • The free version gives access to minimal features.

Best for:

Grammarly is backed with advanced AI algorithms that go through your text to mark grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Its style and tone optimizer help you mold your writing according to the tone, sentence structure, and word choice you want to work with. 

Producing original work is the primary responsibility of a copywriter. However, with millions of resources on the web, it’s highly likely that some of our phrases can get flagged for plagiarism. 

Even if this happens to you, you can rely on Grammarly to spotlight all such sentences and phrases to ensure content that’s 100% original.

2. ProWritingAid


If you’ve heard about Grammarly, then you’ve probably also heard of ProWritingAid since they’re both pretty similar. However, the only discernable differences between the two are in terms of budget, accuracy, and context. As a writer picking one over the other depends upon your personal preference.


$79/year or $89/year


  • Its informal writing style prevents unnecessary corrections
  • Find synonyms according to your writing needs
  • Makes your writing more concise and to the point.
  • Cheaper writing packages than its competitors 


  • Doesnt provide much grammatical accuracy as compared to other writing tools.

Best for:

From removing grammatical errors to correcting long terminologies, this comprehensive writing tool has all the necessary features you’ll need when crafting content. 

ProWritingAid provides you value for your hard-earned money, as it’s available to purchase at a much more affordable cost than its competitors.

Best Writing Tools 2024 for SEO Blog Posts

1. ContentShake AI

ContentShake AI

Blog posts without SEO optimization are like songs without a rhythm. Just as you would rush to skip that song on your playlist, so would Google’s crawlers. 

As a content writer, search engine optimization comes at the forefront of my writing responsibilities, and that’s when I turn to ContentShake AI to ensure I don’t miss any chance to impress Google with my work.


Free version or $60/month 


  • Speeds up your content publishing process
  • Rescues writers from creative block
  • Enables you to use a free plan


  • There’s a limit to the amount of weekly content ideas you can generate

Best for:

Regardless of the niche or industry you’re writing for ContentShake AI can suggest data-driven topic ideas to augment your ideation process. In one click, you can access interesting article outlines that make content creation a piece of cake. 

There are days when we’re not satisfied with our work. On days like these, you can leverage this SEO tool by Semrush to rewrite your article or write your piece entirely from scratch through its AI feature. 

Can’t meet the word count? The above-mentioned AI feature can also expand your content through its generative capabilities. 

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

In a world where it’s extremely crucial for writers to take out their SEO knives, Surfer SEO tops my list of the most handy SEO writing tools.




  • Intuitive and adaptable user interface. Shows how aligned your content is in terms of length, keywords, headings, and more. 
  • Almost all companies and writers rely on Surfer SEO for accurate SEO optimization. Using or knowing how to use these tools for writers increases your chances of getting hired. 


  • You have to keep saving your work because if you come across a “connection lost” message, then in most cases, your work can just disappear, and you’d have to rewrite it all over again. 
  • While Surfer SEO recommends a lengthy list of keywords, not all of them are relevant to your content. If you skip them or use them at a lower than proposed frequency, it would lower your SEO score. 

Best for:

Surfer SEO is one of the finest data-powered tools that helps you increase your content’s ranking. With its outstanding and easy-to-use content editor, you can obtain rich suggestions and recommendations that include formatting and adding relevant images to improve your content

By taking into account its keyword and formatting recommendation, you’re set to sail in the right direction by getting your content optimized and increasing your visibility on the SERPs.

Best AI Writing Tools 2024 for Every Writer

1. Anyword

This writing tool stands out of the crowd owing to its user-friendly platform and ability to adapt to the tone of your natural writing style. Anyword contains premium features like Blog Wizard that help you create outlines and titles for your content.

With the help of its exceptional features, this tool aims to untangle the process of creating unique and compelling pieces of writing. 


Free or $39/month


  • Eases the process of adding keywords and other important details
  • Suggests accurate engagement metrics


  • Provides a limited range of features for its price range
  • Can be a little sluggish to use.

Best for:

Apart from providing an array of distinct features, this tool lets you have complete control over your content by suggesting titles and outlines and generating around 2000 words for your blog.

On top of it all, it provides the option to add additional instructions for more precise and accurate results.

2. Longshot


Longshot is a tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create content. With its free trials and different subscription packages, this tool generates content that aligns with your needs.


Free or $29/month


  • Assists you in creating long-form content with ease
  • Optimizes content for the search engine
  • Features ten different languages to create content
  • Allows you to collaborate with your team 


  • It leans toward the pricey side 
  • May not be able to create unique content for all niches
  • Requires proofreading to ensure accuracy
  • Unable to generate content on technical topics that require expertise in a certain domain.

Best for:

With its unique take on creating long-form content, this tool specializes in researching, generating, and optimizing content for blogs and social media websites.

This tool can be used alone and can be integrated with other well-known tools like Medium, WordPress, Hubspot, and Ghost. Moreover, you can add its extension on Chrome to make it a part of your workflow wherever you go.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bottom Line

With this list of the best writing tools for writers accompanying you like Santa’s elves, you no longer have to complain about feeling burnt out or having too much on your plate. 

These paid, and free content writing apps assist you in streamlining the other tasks associated with content marketing. Moreover, by uncomplicating your to-do list, they also help resurrect your love for writing. 

For more tips on how to amplify your content writing, stay tuned for my future posts. Until next time!

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