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Can You See Who Viewed Your Reel on Facebook

Are you curious whether you can see who viewed your reel on Facebook? Join me as I delve into more than finding an answer to this question.

Facebook has been standing firm with its consistent updates, amusing 2.93 million users simultaneously. The introduction of reels, in particular, has sparked curiosity among users like me, driving us to seek answers to a range of questions all at once.

Follow along as I explore the answers to this question: Can you see who viewed your reel on Facebook? Just a heads up, it’s not as simple as a yes or no.

By digging into some hidden aspects, I might just have discovered a reliable way to find out who’s been watching your reel. Let’s get into it!

Understanding Facebook Reels

Before we get to the solution, let’s first understand the concept of Facebook reels and their significance on the platform.

Taking inspiration from Instagram, Facebook introduced reels, which have proven successful, evidenced by the incorporation of 3.3% reel ads. This success has led to their availability in over 150 countries.

Using this, bloggers and content producers have heavily promoted it as a tool l for reaching new audiences in their roles as digital content creators.

Additionally, Facebook appreciates the creators by offering a bonus payment. You might wonder, “How many views on Facebook reels to get paid?”

Well, it’s granted to those who accumulate over 1000 views within a 30-day days.

How to See My Reels on Facebook Lite?

You can interact with these reels in the following ways:

  1. Watch Tab: To view them from the Watch tab, simply tap on it and click the “Reel” option in the upper bar.
  2. Homepage: Another way is by using the Homepage. I find this easier as I can simply scroll through my newsfeed to access Reels.
  3. Menu Tab: Lastly, you can go to the Menu tab and click on the labeled “Reels” box.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Reel on Facebook?

First, you must understand the term “view” on Facebook. A view is counted when a user watches your video for at least three seconds. Yet, the identity of the viewer remains a mystery.

When three seconds of your video are watched, one view is added, but who watched it is something you might never know. Fortunately, a loophole has been discovered, enabling the identification of a few viewers through a specific set of steps.

Uploading a reel on the newsfeed doesn’t allow you to see your viewers. However, I’ll still help you get an idea of who viewed your reel.

How Can You See Who Viewed Your Reel on Facebook Newsfeed?

If your reel is on the newsfeed, you can simply check the comments to determine who watched it. This helps identify those who both viewed and commented.

However, those who didn’t react or comment won’t be visible.

How Can You See Who Viewed Your Reel on Facebook Story?

If you’ve shared your reel in a story, the story’s viewers are the same as those of the reel.

Follow these steps to check who viewed your reel:

1. Click your story where you uploaded the reel.

2. Search for the Viewers option in the bottom left corner.

Once people begin watching the story, you’ll see a number instead of the “No viewers yet.”

How to See Views on Facebook Live?

As you know, Facebook Live is an excellent way to ensure everyone catches important announcements. When you go live, you can see your viewers as they join the session.

However, this is solely possible while you’re streaming. Once you upload it as a reel, you can only see the number of viewers and comments.

Exploring Facebook Reels Insights

Not much is revealed by Facebook reel views. To address this, the platform launched Facebook Reels Insights. This feature enables you to manage your Facebook page more effectively.

This data is used by content creators, ad makers, businesses, and companies to assess their performance and identify areas for enhancing their content.

How to View Facebook Reels Insights?

To access insights on your Business Page, navigate to the Manage Page Section and choose the ‘Insights’ option.

Note that the Insights feature allows you to export data for up to two years. This data offers statistics on posts performing effectively and can guide you on the best times to post next.

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Visibility of Reels

Now that I’ve walked you through reel insights, you can evaluate your performance and improve your content.

I understand that it can be tough to increase your reach. As for me, I focus on improving my viewership by broadening the targeted audience.

How to Get More Views on Facebook Reels?

1. Go to the Settings & Privacy option.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Choose the Privacy option, then go to Reels.

4. Now, you can select your preferred audience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Understanding whether you can see who viewed your reel is significant, like identifying your audience.

All you need to do is follow the steps and see where you stand. Use this tool to enhance your reach by adjusting settings.

With luck, you’ll notice improved outcomes!

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