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Pinterest is a popular platform that allows users to discover and save ideas for various interests. But how old do you have to be to have Pinterest?

In this article, we’ll dive into the age restrictions and guidelines for using Pinterest, ensuring you clearly understand who can join and enjoy the creative wonders of this platform.


So, let’s find out the answer to the question and explore the age requirements in more detail.

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Pinterest?

Like many social media platforms, Pinterest has specific guidelines regarding the minimum age for joining. These age restrictions are in place to comply with legal regulations and prioritize user safety and privacy. 

To join Pinterest, you must be at least 13 years old. Pinterest adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which safeguards the privacy of children under 13.

By setting this age limit, Pinterest ensures its users are legally eligible to use the platform. Individuals above 13 can make an account, find people to follow on Pinterest, even learn how to make money as a beginner and explore what all the platform offers.

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Exploring Pinterest’s Age Restriction Policy

Age Verification Process

During the registration process, Pinterest requires users to provide their birthdates for age verification. This step is crucial in determining whether users meet the minimum age requirement.

Accurate information is necessary to comply with Pinterest’s terms of service and age restrictions.

Who Can Use Pinterest 

Pinterest usage is limited to individuals who can enter into a legally binding agreement with Pinterest and abide by the Terms of Service and applicable laws.

It is essential to provide accurate and complete information when creating a Pinterest account. Participation on Pinterest is prohibited if it violates U.S. sanctions.

Individuals under 13 are strictly prohibited from accessing or using Pinterest. If you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA), you can only use Pinterest if you have reached the age required to provide consent for data processing in your country.

Using Pinterest may involve downloading software onto your computer, phone, tablet, or other devices. 

Understanding Parental Controls and Safety Measures

Pinterest understands the importance of online safety, particularly for younger users. The platform provides parental controls that allow parents to monitor and regulate their child’s activity on Pinterest.

Parents can use these features to ensure a safe browsing experience and protect their children from inappropriate content. Pinterest is committed to maintaining a secure platform for users of all ages.

Educating Children about Responsible Internet Usage

While age restrictions and parental controls are crucial, educating children about responsible internet usage is equally important. Parents should actively engage in conversations about online safety, digital literacy, and responsible behavior.

Parents can guide their children in making responsible choices online by fostering open communication. Encourage discussions about privacy, online etiquette, and the potential risks of sharing personal information.

Importance of Online Safety and Pinterest’s Commitment

Pinterest prioritizes user safety by maintaining a robust community guideline policy. They encourage users to report any content that violates these guidelines, ensuring a safer platform for everyone.

Pinterest also provides resources and educational materials to promote safe and positive online experiences. Their dedication to online safety is reflected in the age verification process and the implementation of parental controls.

Pinterest Alternatives for Under-Age Users

While Pinterest has specific age requirements for users, younger individuals who don’t meet the minimum age limit may still have the desire to explore similar platforms and unleash their creativity.

If you or someone you know falls into this category, there are alternative platforms that cater to underage users and offer similar features to Pinterest.

Here are a few options worth considering for individuals younger than 13 years old:


Kidoz is a digital platform designed for children between 6 and 13. It offers curated content, including games, videos, and educational apps. Kidoz ensures a child-friendly browsing experience with strict parental controls and content filtering. is an online community encouraging children to explore their creativity through do-it-yourself projects. It promotes a safe and positive environment for kids to express themselves.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Pinterest

Kids can showcase their creations, learn new skills, and engage with a supportive community of young creators.

Toon Goggles

Toon Goggles is an on-demand entertainment platform offering a vast collection of animated shows and movies suitable for children aged 2 to 12. It features a kid-friendly interface, parental controls, and carefully curated content to ensure age-appropriate viewing.


SuperAwesome is a digital platform focused on providing safe experiences for kids online. It offers a variety of products and services, including AwesomeAds, which ensures child-friendly advertising, and PopJam, a social content platform.

SuperAwesome also prioritizes compliance with privacy regulations and provides a secure environment for young users.

These Pinterest alternatives provide engaging and age-appropriate content, fostering creativity, learning, and social interaction while maintaining a safe online environment for children.

Parental supervision and involvement are crucial in guiding children’s digital experiences and ensuring their online safety.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How old do I have to be to create a Pinterest account?

According to Pinterest’s terms of service, users must be at least 13 years old to create an account and use Pinterest. It is a requirement to meet the minimum age criteria set by Pinterest.

Why does Pinterest have an age restriction?

Like many other online platforms, Pinterest enforces age restrictions to comply with legal regulations and ensure the safety and privacy of its users. The age restriction is in place to protect younger individuals from potential risks associated with online interactions.

Is there any age verification process when signing up for Pinterest?

Pinterest has no explicit age verification process during the account creation phase. However, they rely on users to provide accurate and truthful information regarding their age.

What happens if someone under 13 years old creates a Pinterest account?

Pinterest strictly prohibits anyone under the age of 13 from using their platform. If a user is found to be underage, their account may be terminated, and the user will be required to discontinue their use of Pinterest until they reach the minimum age requirement.


In conclusion, the minimum age requirement to have a Pinterest account is 13 years old, in compliance with legal regulations and Pinterest’s commitment to user safety. The platform recognizes the significance of online privacy and provides parental controls to enhance safety measures further.

By fostering open communication and educating children about online security, we can create a safer digital environment for everyone. Pinterest continues to prioritize the well-being of its users, ensuring a positive and secure online experience for individuals of all ages.

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