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WhatsApp is used by inhabitants of over 180 countries who, like me, are stuck in the debate “Is WhatsApp social media?

If I only consider the initial days of the platform to reach a conclusion, it’s pretty clear that WhatsApp is a messaging application.

However, with the introduction of features such as status-sharing or WhatsApp Stories, people are confused about what type of social media platform WhatsApp is.

If you can’t decide either or keep ending up in disagreement over the question: “Is WhatsApp social media?” then join me as I attempt to get to the gist of the topic.

Let’s discover the real purpose of WhatsApp!

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What Is Social Media?

Before deciding whether WhatsApp is a social media or not, it is vital to understand the essence of social media apps.

If I go by its definition, then social media is described as an online service or website that enables users to craft and share content and interact and connect with other users on the platform.

Thus, social media platforms are digital instruments through which users can create and share ideas, images, and information with the connections in their network.

Apart from connecting people, they also aid with business marketing, networking, and promotion.

Features of WhatsApp

Now that we know what a social media platform seems like, let’s explore WhatsApp’s features to find out is WhatsApp social media.

1. Phone and Video Calls: Users can make both one-on-one and group video calls along with phone calls, where the group feature is now applicable for 32 participants at a single time.

2. Voice Messaging: Users can record audio messages and forward them to other users or group conversations.

3. Secure Messaging: WhatsApp leverages end-to-end encryption to provide secure communication for its users, where only the participants involved in the conversation can view each other’s messages.

4. Sharing Materials: Users can share various materials, such as PDFs, slideshows, spreadsheets, images, videos, locations, contacts, polls, and more.

5. Channels: Channels are basically a creator tool used to share text, videos, polls, photos, and stickers used by social media creators to interact with their audience.


How Does WhatsApp Compare to Other Social Media Apps

At our last stage of discovery to determine whether WhatsApp is social media or not, let’s see how the platform compares to other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to reach our conclusion.

Mobile Reach

Users access all social media platforms through their mobile apps. WhatsApp, too, can be availed by users through its mobile app or desktop version.

Engagement Method

Social media apps have their unique ways of encouraging users to engage with the content uploaded on those platforms. Some of these methods include liking, commenting, sharing, or using hashtags.

Now, when it comes to WhatsApp, except for hashtags and comments, the Channel feature has enabled creators to share their online content with their audience, who can interact with this digital media by liking and sharing their content.

User Demographics

When a social media platform is created, it is usually based on specific user demographics to assist with designing the app. This helps app developers to offer a customized experience for each group.

In the case of WhatsApp, the app’s demographic is easy to understand and grasp.

User Experience

Social media platforms have a distinct layout and design. This determines how users can engage with the platform.

WhatsApp’s unique design is easily distinguishable and serves as an inspiration for other apps looking forward to incorporating the messaging feature in their app design.

Final Verdict: Is WhatsApp Social Media?

In the words of Malcolm Forbes, “One who never asks either knows everything or nothing.”

Now, after finding the answers to all our questions, let’s respond to our last and most important question, “Is WhatsApp social media?”

From the evidence we’ve gathered above, it can be seen that WhatsApp lacks some of the most common features linked to social media apps. This includes the ability to monitor audience metrics, or user engagement features such as commenting or using hashtags.

However, if we are to follow the strict definition of social media discussed at the beginning of this blog, WhatsApp definitely comes under the banner of social media apps.

Even well-known digital platforms like Semrush, Statista, and more refer to WhatsApp as a social media platform.

While it may not have the same list of features that every other social media app possesses, we can conclude the “Is WhatsApp social media?” discussion by resting the verdict in its favor.

Bottom Line

Given the outpour of user queries asking, “Is WhatsApp social media Reddit,” a blog post designated to answering this question seemed like the right choice.

If you have any confusion about the social media apps on your phone or their features, make sure to drop them below, and I’ll definitely answer them in my next post. Until next time!

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