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Can You See Who Views Your Pinterest

Can you see who views your Pinterest? Unfortunately, no, you cannot. Unlike other social media platforms and apps, Pinterest doesn’t offer this feature.

Being curious about who is visiting your profile or viewing your boards is natural. After all, you want to ensure your content resonates with your target audience, and identifying your viewers and followers would be helpful. 

However, as disappointing as that is, there are ways through which you can obtain some valuable information about your audience and find out who pins your content.

Pinterest Analytics to the Rescue  

As the name suggests, Pinterest analytics is a tool that helps Pinterest users understand and gain insight into their overall presence on the platform.

It enables you to analyze how your content is performing, find out which of your pins are being saved and gaining traction, monitor key metrics, and show you how to target the right audience with the right content, among other things.

But, to put Pinterest analytics to good use, you must have a business or professional business account. 

How to Convert Your Personal Pinterest Account into a Business Account?

You have three options. Firstly, you can create a new business account from scratch if you wish to separate it from your account and use a different email.

Secondly, you can link your account with the new business account using the same email. Lastly, you can convert your account into a business one, ensuring your pins and followers stay the same.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to your browser’s Pinterest website and log into your account.

2. Click the arrow at the top right corner to “Settings.”

3. On the left of the screen, click “Accounts settings.”

4. Click Convert Account under “Account changes.”

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to build your profile and click Next when done.

Your Pinterest business account is all set, and you can now access Pinterest analytics to get audience insights and other valuable data.

How to Access Pinterest Analytics on Pinterest Business Account?

Once you have converted your account into a business account on Pinterest, it’s time to access Pinterest analytics and understand how it works.

1. Log into your Pinterest business account.

2. Select Analytics in the top left corner of the screen.

3. The screen will give you a drop-down menu with different types of analytics, such as Overview, Audience Insights, Trends, and Conversion Insights.

4. To track the performance of your Pinterest boards and pins, click Overview.

5. For audience count, total impressions, pin clicks rate, and other features click Audience Insight.

6. If you run paid campaigns on your Pinterest account and wish to track them, click Conversion Insights.

7. To explore what’s trending on Pinterest, click Trends.

Pinterest Analytics: What It Tracks and Why It Matters?

While Pinterest doesn’t show who viewed your profile or who looks at your Pinterest exactly, the Pinterest analytics tool does offer valuable insight and data that you can use to optimize your content.

To learn whether Pinterest pays you for views, you can also explore its monetization program. There are numerous metrics that Pinterest analytics tracks and each metric brings something important to the table.

Total Impressions

Pinterest impressions are somewhat like views as they help you see the number of times a user visited one of your Pins on their screen.

If you notice a high impression rate on Pinterest analytics, your content is trending on the platform, generating views, and is in sync with the Pinterest algorithm.

Total Audience 

This bit is probably what most of you must be interested in. Think of the total audience as Instagram views, for instance. When you upload a story on Instagram, you can see who saw it and the total number of views, right?

As the name implies, the total audience count metric on Pinterest measures the number of users who viewed your Pin in a given period. The Pinterest analytics tool lets you see the monthly views to see how many people saw your Pin.

This is a great way to identify your view count and see if it aligns with your total impressions. For instance, if your profile has a high impression rate but a low total audience count, this shows that a particular number of people have seen your Pin multiple times. 

Engaged Audience 

This metric allows users to highlight their top-performing Pins on the platform as it shows how many have interacted and engaged with a Pin by saving it, liking it, commenting on it, or saving it.

Saves/ Repins 

Isn’t it exciting to see people liking and engaging with your content? Well, the Saves metric on Pinterest, previously known as Repins, does precisely that!

It shows the number of Pinterest users who saved one of your Pins and how many times they did it.

This metric is quite a big deal as it helps users track the performance of their Pins and see that each time someone saves your Pin, it means they like your content, which resonates with them.

Pin Clicks 

This metric is self-explanatory – it shows the total number of times a Pin was clicked. It is best to keep an eye on Pin clicks because even if a user didn’t click through to your website, it still shows that your Pin caught their attention and they were interested in it.

These are some of the most important and valuable metrics that Pinterest analytics tracks to give the platform users a deep insight into how well their account is doing and how they can better cater to their viewers and followers.

Can You See Who Views Your Pinterest with Third-Party Apps?

You may have encountered numerous tools or apps during your search on ‘Does Pinterest show who viewed your profile’ that claim they can help you see who is viewing your Pinterest profile and boards. 

As tempting as that might sound, it is best to err on the side of caution and steer clear of these third-party apps and tools because they can compromise your sensitive information and personal details. 

However, if your curiosity uses one, ensure it is legit, has positive reviews and ratings, and is entirely authentic.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can I tell if someone not following me on Pinterest is viewing my boards?

To put it simply, you can’t. There is no way to tell if someone who doesn’t follow you on Pinterest is viewing your boards.

Q2. Can a person find out if I visited their Pinterest profile?

No, a person cannot find out if you visited their Pinterest profile. However, if you save or like one of their Pins, they receive a notification about who did it.

Q3. Can you see who looks at your Pinterest?

No, you cannot see who looks at your Pinterest. But you can identify the number of people viewing your content, clicking your Pins, interacting with your content, etc., with the Pinterest analytics tool.

Wrapping Up!

The simple answer to ‘Can you see who viewed your Pinterest’ is no, you can’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

Use the Pinterest analytics feature to get detailed audience insights so that you can devise a solid Pinterest strategy and create the kind of content that resonates with your audience.

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