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Have you ever wondered if all those hours spent scrolling and Pinning could translate into cash in your pocket? We’ve all heard stories of influencers making a living from their Instagram posts, but what about Pinterest?

Does Pinterest pay you for views? Indeed, Pinterest doesn’t have a direct way for you to make money. However, you can use it to your advantage and earn through other means with the traffic and exposure you gain.

Pinterest – More Than Just Pretty Pictures

If you’re still getting familiar with it, Pinterest is a platform where you can find and save ideas for everything from recipes to fashion to home decor. It’s like a virtual bulletin board to collect all your favorite inspirations in one place. With 450+ million active users worldwide, it is a powerful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Pinterest is different. Its highly visual nature prioritizes high-quality and engaging content. Therefore, create good Pins to get a good audience and engagement. 

6 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

i. Make Money on Pinterest by Blogging

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic and love blogging, you can make money using Pinterest. Use it to drive traffic to your blog, monetize that traffic, and turn your hobby into a lucrative source of income.

To begin with, create high-quality and engaging content that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s food, fashion, travel, etc., make sure your blog posts are top-notch and provide value.

Then create visually stunning Pins to grab users’ attention and lead them to your blog. Follow clear SEO practices – use catchy descriptions, relevant keywords, hashtags, etc.

Engaging with other users and collaborating with other bloggers and businesses in your niche can be impactful. Leave thoughtful comments on other Pins, follow relevant boards, and be active in communities to build your following.

When it comes to monetizing your Pinterest traffic, there are several options available. One popular method is to use advertising, such as Google AdSense, to earn money from the traffic that comes to your blog.

ii. Become a Pinterest Account Manager for Businesses

Managing Pinterest accounts for businesses can be a rewarding and profitable career choice for those with a knack for social media. It’s a great way to turn your passion for Pinterest into a lucrative career by helping others promote their products and services on the platform.

To get started, you need to showcase your expertise and skills in Pinterest marketing. Create an impressive portfolio of your Pinterest account with your results and achievements.

Once you’ve built your credibility, you can start contacting businesses that could use your services. You can also search for opportunities on freelancing platforms and job boards to find companies looking for Pinterest account managers.

As a Pinterest account manager, your role will involve the following:

  • Creating and curating content.
  • Designing visually appealing Pins and graphics.
  • Optimizing Pins for SEO.
  • Engaging with users.
  • Analyzing data.

iii. Drive Sales and Traffic to Your eCommerce Site with Pinterest

Do you need help driving traffic to your eCommerce site? Pinterest offers an ideal audience for businesses looking to showcase their products and drive customers to their stores.

Create Pins that link directly to your product pages to drive traffic to your eCommerce site. Think of your account as a virtual storefront and your Pins as the eye-catching displays that draw people in. 

You can also create boards focusing on a particular theme or holiday season to appeal to a specific audience. For example, if you sell fashion accessories, create a board featuring your products styled with famous outfits for the upcoming fall season.

Ensure your boards are organized and your Pins are visually appealing, so users will be enticed to click through to your website.

Moreover, with targeted ads, you can reach users interested in your products and drive them straight to your eCommerce site.

iv. Revolutionize your Sales with Shoppable Idea Pins

Are you looking for a new way to showcase your products on Pinterest and drive sales? Look no further than Idea Pins! These multi-page video posts are quickly becoming a popular way to promote products and services on the platform.

One of the unique features of Idea Pins is the ability to make them shoppable. You can tag specific products featured in your Pin to make them purchasable.

As a seller, you can tag products using affiliate links and products from your business to drive sales. By sharing Idea Pins that feature video clips of your products in action, you can expose potential customers to your product’s features in an engaging and informative way.

v. Teaming up for Pinterest Success

A joint promotion with a brand can be a savvy strategy to expand your presence on Pinterest and tap into a new audience. Collaborating with another brand on Pinterest allows you to leverage their audience and gain more visibility for your products or services.

One approach is creating a collaborative board where you and the brand share content related to a specific theme or topic. If you’re a food blogger, teaming up with a kitchen appliance brand to create a collaborative board focused on easy and healthy recipes can be a hit. You can both Pin your content as well as each other.

You can co-create content with a brand using Idea Pins. If you’re a fashion blogger, collaborating with a clothing brand to create an Idea Pin showcasing how to style their clothes with accessories from your brand can be a creative and engaging collaboration.

Choosing a brand that aligns with your values and target audience is essential for successful collaboration. Disclose any sponsored content or partnerships according to Pinterest’s guidelines for transparency.

vi. Become an Affiliate Marketer on Pinterest

Pinterest offers a fantastic opportunity to become an affiliate marketer and earn commissions by promoting products and services you love. 

Many popular brands and online marketplaces have affiliate programs – sign up for a program of your choice. Once approved as an affiliate, you can create content on Pinterest to promote the products or services using your affiliate links.

Create attractive and informative Pins that feature the products in action. Use relevant keywords to optimize your Pins for search and engagement. Make sure to disclose that your Pins contain affiliate links to comply with Pinterest’s guidelines and maintain transparency with your audience.

If you’re promoting fitness products, you can create a board dedicated to “Fitness Gear” and Pin various products, workout routines, and tips. It’s essential to be genuine and authentic in your approach. Avoid overly promotional or spammy content.

Follow the Rules and Rock Your Pinterest Game!

Pinterest can be a powerful platform for driving traffic to your website, growing your business, and connecting with your target audience. By following Pinterest’s guidelines and best practices, you can make the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy. 

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Be authentic and share genuine content that resonates with your target audience. Avoid using clickbait or misleading information in your Pins.
  • Use relevant keywords in your Pin descriptions, titles, and hashtags to help your Pins appear in search results.
  • Pinterest regularly updates its guidelines and features, so stay informed and adapt your strategy accordingly. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

Pinterest is not just about promoting your products or services; it’s a highly visual platform – that focuses on creating a valuable and engaging experience for your audience.

Start implementing these best practices, unleash your creativity, and watch your Pinterest presence soar!

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